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Julian Spalding attacks Damien Hirst 'con art'


Art critic and former curator Julian Spalding has predicted the conceptual work of artists like Damien Hirst will soon become "worthless".

Writing in the Independent, Spalding described Hirst's work as "the sub-prime of the art world" and advised owners of his work to sell quickly.

Hirst, best known for his animals in formaldehyde, has been at the forefront of the British conceptual art movement.

Arts journalist Georgina Adam said Spalding's condemnation was "unfair".

"He is probably right about later Damien Hirsts, which are more like luxury goods than art," she told the BBC.

"But Hirst's earlier work did redefine the notion of art work.

"To condemn the whole of conceptual art is unfair," she added.

An exhibition of Hirst's work opens at Tate Modern in London next week.

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